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Greetings craft pickers… We are supporting #Tryanuary. Make it your mission to introduce drinkers to new independent breweries, beers, bars and bottle shops throughout January.

The Boys from the Bermondsey Beer Mile.

Region: London, UK.


Pale Ale 4.7%Southern Latitude is our South Pacific inspired Pale Ale bursting with the aroma and favours of passion fruit, mango and citrus. A very light coloured, very hoppy pale ale. Straw yellow, fluffy white head, medium carbonation. Assertive hop character, with the Galaxy stealing the show with aromas of passion fruit, mango, clean citrus. Topaz & Centennial also contributing with some resinous aromatics, lychee and more citrus. Light, neutral malt character with a hint of toast and honey, dry finish.Available 30ltr KeyKeg


Red Rye American IPA 6.4%

Northern Latitude is a Red Rye American IPA that we’ve brewed with brown sugar. It is a gorgeous red beer with an assertively citrus, fruity & and spicy hop nose. The malt character is complex, with the use of 8 different malts with a refreshingly spicy finish from the rye malt. A beer with complex flavors that’s perfect for the holidays.Available 30ltr KeyKeg


American Brown IPA 5.3%

Noticeably distinct classic American hop aromas of citrus and red berries. Malt aromas of sweet caramel & chocolate, alongside a whiff of toasted bread. Upfront citrus from the hops, especially lemon & orange, followed by a wave of chocolate before a satisfying wave of hop bitterness to finish. Super drinkable.Available 30ltr SS


INSPIRED BY CYCLING ADVENTURES THROUGH GERMANY AND THE CZECH REPUBLIC, 4.7%Generous hopping with Mittelfruh and Saaz gives this beer a delightful floral and spicy aroma. The finish is dry, crisp, and refreshing.Available 30ltr Keykeg


IPA  4.2%

The transatlantic influence of American brewing inspired us to make a beer with big, bold hops in an easy drinking, sessiona- ble package.Available 30ltr KeyKeg



Rich,bready malt character is balanced by earthy, floral Willamette hops. The result is an incredibly balanced and refreshing beer with a delicious toasty finish.Available 30ltr KeyKeg



California is the home of the classic American Pale Ale. Cascade in our hopback combined with balanced malts make this a true West Coast sessionable style beerAvailable 30ltr KeyKeg

RED RYE SESSION IPA 9(Limited Stock) 

RED IPA 4.0%

A small beer that compensates for its inferior size by being overly aggressive and domineering. Lots of flavor and texture into this beer by using rye, wheat, and a variety of specialty grains to create a beer of considerable complexity given its size. Citra’s exciting tropical & citrus notes are dominant, but the new German variety Mandarina Bavaria and the American classics Cascade and Chinook play important roles here too.Available 30ltr KeyKeg

Location: East London

The Redchurchers are quickly collecting a religious cult following.


Pale Ale 3.7%

Paradise Pale Ale is a crisp refreshing beer. It pours a hazy yellow with a fresh zesty citrus aroma.

Available 30ltr KeyKeg.


ale Ale 5.5%

An inspiring blend of English malts and American hops fuse to provide a distinctive malt character and a clean citrus hop aroma and finely balanced bitterness.

Available 30ltr KeyKeg.


IPA  7.4%

A blend of English Pale malts provide the rich caramel character with Centennial, Chinook, and Columbus hops providing the tropical fruit aroma and punchy bitterness.


Blonde 4.5%

A truly international combination of English lager malt, German yeast, and a unique blend of American and European hops producing a moreish and drinkable blonde beer.Available 30ltr KeyKeg.


Stout 5.9%

A deep black dry stout, topped with a fine tan head. Complex malt flavours from the chocolate malt and roasted barley treading a delicate balance between bitterness and sweetness. A blend of Chinook, Columbus and Cascade hops provide the perfect compliment to the espresso and chocolate notes from the dark malts.Available 30ltr KeyKeg.

Region: Leeds, UK.

STRANNIK Imperial Stout 9.0%Imperial stout is descended from the strongest – ’stoutest’ – porter brewed in Britain in the 18th century, a beer that found particular favour with the Tsar of Russia in St Petersburg, which is where it is believed to get its ’imperial’ designation from. It was a beer that could be laid down for years, or enjoyed straight away. Strannik: the pilgrim, the one who travels. A beer of simple means – deriving strength from pale malted barley and character through four roasted malts. British hops provide both the rounded bitterness and the floral, spicy notes to compliment the roast and chocolate. Drink one, keep one. Allow the flavours to develop over the years before experiencing this classic stout.Available 20ltr KeyKeg.

ETERNALIPA 4.1%The hop hit of a US IPA, with the sessionability of a classic UK pale ale. Simcoe and Centennial hops dominate this light blonde beer, contributing a big tangerine aroma and long,quenching citrus pith flavour which goes on and on and on.Available 30ltr KeyKeg.

As well as being a cool as flip beer shop, Bison Beer Craft House now also makes its own beer with horns on.Location: Brighton


IPA 5.0%

Introducing an intensely hop-heavy and sessionable IPA by the boys at Bison Beer. Born and raised in Brighton this beast of an IPA pulls no punches with a smash-load of hops. It’s packed full of tropical flavours that demand that you Be More Bison. Unfined, unpasteurised and naturally conditioned, bEAST STREET is strong on the nose and easy on the palate.Available 30ltr KeyKeg.

Location: England

Is that music to our ears?Island Records is producing a beer.


India Pale Ale  4.5%

Officially released today Island Records Session IPA, A laid-back session bursting with juicy hop aromas and tropical flavour brimming with positive vibrations – the very essence of Island RecordsLimited kegs available before the full release of this Session IPA later this year.Available 30ltr KeyKeg.

Region: Sussex

These cats got class in a glass.NITROMilk Stout 5.0%Nitro Milk Stout pours beautifully, The aroma is of brown sugar and vanilla cream, with hints of roasted coffee. The pillowy head coats your upper lip and its creaminess entices your palate. Initial roasty, mocha flavors rise up, with slight hop & roast bitterness in the finish. The rest is pure bliss of milk chocolate fullness.Available 30ltr KeyKeg.


Pilsner 5.0%

The fantastic Pilsner from Two tribes has had limited availability to selected bars – but it is NOW AVAILABLE TO ALL. With bags of mittelfruh, brew’s gold and saag, this is how a Pilsnershouldtaste.

Available 30ltr KeyKeg.


Pale Ale 4.2%

A sunshine Pale Ale bursting with the fabulous city hop which give a big, dry hop aroma.Available 30ltr KeyKeg.

BIBLE BLACKPorter 6.5%

Rich and dark porter with sweet cocoa and dark malt aromas. Gives way to roasted grains and chocolate with coffee.Available 30ltr KeyKeg


A rich light amber with a floral aroma preceding citrus and tropical fruit flavour from the Australian galaxy hops.Available 30ltr KeyKeg

Region: Gipsy Hill (South London)



Grain and hop fight for dominance in this New World amber ale. The result brings sharp citrus, grapefruit and pine, whispers of toffee and lightly toasted malt flavours, finishing with a resolute bitterness. All while retaining its session beer status. Hops: Simcoe, CascadeAvailable 30ltr KeyKeg


ALE 3.8%A cunningly light, crisp pale ale. It showcases delicious tropical hop flavour above a pure Maris Otter malt base. Its flavours and aromas belie its ABV. Hops: Amarillo, Cascade, Admiral.Available 30ltr KeyKeg

HEPCATIPA 4.6%is our fruitiest yet, owing to its star-studded hop line-up. Mosaic , Citra, Equinox and Motueka vie for space to produce an intensely tropical-citrus hit. It’s rather inviting orange hue says it all.Available 30ltr KeyKeg

Region: Germany

The Bavarian Mod Squad.


Unfiltered Pale Ale 5.5%

Oh-so balanced and gentle spiced, with an easy-like-Sundaymorning mouth feel. “Don’t let Mondays ruin your Sundays,” say And Union. Amen.Available 30ltr KeyKeg


Region: East Sussex

All your beer wishes shall be thine.


Twin Hopped Pale Ale  4.3%

The hop pairing changes with each brew in the never-ending search for the perfect combination.The name is inspired by the NASA Project Gemini which involved putting two astronauts into orbit to test and develop techniques ahead of the Apollo Moon missions. It’s ingenuity and development made the moon landing possible.Available 30ltr KeyKeg.

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